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"Free Report: "The Checklist"- How To Compare Prices When Buying A New Roof"

​When interviewing roofing companies you should be able to answer all these questions.

  1. ​What are the contractor's exact plans for doing a high quality job

  2. The differences in product options... and choices available to you...including prices

  3. The importance and plans for the type of underpayments available to you

  4. Differences in services between them and other contractors

  5. The importance and plans for flashing for your roof (including chimneys)

  6. Importance of accurate roof measurements...and how they measure the roof

  7. Special certifications and programs offered by manufacturers...and why they matter to you

  8. Discuss attic ventilation and plans for your roof

  9. Availability and options for enhanced warranties

  10. Importance and plans for your hip, ridge  and starter shingle areas

  11. Difference in quality between manufacturers

  12. Differences in choices in shingles or metal roofs

  13. The condition of your roof clearly explained ...including  pictures

  14. Addressing the Drip Edge plans

  15. Different options for paying for your roof...including availability of financing

  16. Insulation factors...and how to save energy with your roof choices.

  17. The costs of replacing unexpected wood damage...and how it's reported

  18. How do you know that they have the insurance coverage

  19. *Plus  any specific questions you might have.  

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